The Metabolic Balance Program – More Than Just Weight Loss

Balance your Hormones. Feel Great and Lose Weight

Trouble losing weight? Diets today can be confusing. With so much information today on the internet, picking the right method of eating can seem daunting. Enter the Metabolic Balance ® method. This program is based on the assumption that every person’s body is capable of producing its own enzymes and hormones to function.

Through blood testing, the Metabolic Balance ® program produces a personalized nutritional road map which is based on your blood values, medical history, personal likes and dislikes. The program indicates which foods work with your body to bring balance ultimately helping to normalize your weight and which foods work against you making it harder for you to lose weight.

The Metabolic Balance ® method helps to regulate your diet so that you are stimulating your metabolism and encouraging your body to release insulin the way nature intended. This means that you are more satisfied, less hungry and still able to achieve your weight loss goals quickly.

In summary, Metabolic Balance ® program is an innovative, all-natural nutrition program that may bring balance to your hormones, optimizes your health, and leads to a new invigorating lifestyle resulting in successful long term weight management. Backed by over 25 years of scientific study, the program is managed by dedicated physicians and nutritional scientists.

The program may also benefit gastro-intestinal issues, pain, inflammation, allergies, hypertension, migraines, sleep issues and much more.

May help with:

Weight loss and Improved Energy
Hormonal Balance
Immune Function Support
Better sleep, Improved Moods, Less Bowel and Stomach problems