Naturopathic Acne Treatment: Treat Acne For Healthy Skin With Naturopath Skin Care


A Holistic, Naturopathic Approach To Acne Treatment And Skin Care

Since everyone’s skin is different, often an individualised approach looking at the root cause is what is needed to truly effect change. Liver health, detoxification and hormonal health are all factors that needed to be addressed along with guided instruction on the products that are right for you.


Step 1: Symptoms of Acne – Getting to the Root Cause

It’s important to understand what is at the root cause of any inflammatory process. Acne and other concerns such as rosacea can be impacted by environmental factors, hormones as well as imbalances in the gut lining. 


When considering hormone imbalance as the root issue of acne, we often find that higher levels of dihydrotestosterone gives rise to increased sebaceous gland activity and acne formation. This can be an issue for men and women. 


Proper excretion of hormones is another important aspect of acne treatment. When bowel movements are not regular, degraded hormones can sit in the gut waiting to be reactivated and reabsorbed by pathogenic bacteria in the gut lining. Thus foods you may be sensitive to (i.e., food intolerance) may result in higher levels of overall inflammation. After a thorough investigation, testing may be recommended such as hormone based testing or Food Sensitivity Testing.



Step 2: Treatment for Acne Recommendations – Natural Treatment


Based on a thorough intake, history taking and additional review of lab work, individualized treatment recommendations are made to help detoxification, hormone and gut health. Collectively the aim is to bring balance to the body and gentle bring about healing. Once the inside is balanced, then only do we see changes to to the outside. Recommendations in the form of customized nutrients, professional quality supplements and in some cases homeopathic remedies are made.

One aspect that is important to remember is that it can take 3 to 6 months for proer to healing to occur. As we work through detoxifcation, digestive support and hormone health, your nutrient recommendations will change depending on the way your body starts to heal from the inside out. 


Step 3: Personalized Product Prescription – Naturopathic Medicine

Most people have tried a lot of different skin care products which may be harsh to the skin as well as their insides. Often skin care can be laden with chemicals and be actually more striping to the skin’s barrier.

Just as our skin has unique needs, so should our skin care be unique in what they do for us. The third step in skin care is using products that are nourishing and balancing to the skin.

Dermaviduals products also us to customize cleansers, serums and moisturizers for your unique skin care needs. With a range of calming and soothing extracts, a customized regime is tailor made to help you work on your results at home. 



Step 4: A Simple Treatment of Acne – Nutritional Support & Education

Knowledge is power when it comes to understanding what foods can support detoxification and skin health. Empowering you to be able to understand the basics when it comes to blood sugar control and digestive wellness is at the forefront of this crucial step. We often know what foods to eat however we may not know what food combinations work best or what foods we may be missing in the diet.

As a part of the treament protocol you will be shown how to put together meals and incorporate skin loving foods to optimize your path to healing.