Does Açaí Berry Help with Fertility?

A recent study looked at the effect of Açaí Berry supplements on the fertility of women of advanced maternal age (39 and older) and the results were very positive. All 121 female patients were under 45 years of age and took 600 mg of açaí berry three times a day for 6 to 16 weeks before their IVF cycle. All patients went ahead with fetal embryo transfer and 75% of the women were able to have a live birth. While the study looked at women over 39, we can assume that Açaí berry can also have positive benefits for younger women as well which is exciting.


Acai berries contain a high level of natural antioxidant activity. Oxidative stress, which is the imbalance between free radicals and antioxidants in the body, can substantially contribute to ovarian dysfunction and diminished egg quality, especially among women of advanced maternal age. This in turn significantly impacts a woman’s chance of having a baby. In essence, having a good antioxidant regime should be one of the main focuses when considering which supplement to incorporate during treatment.

Açaí for Women

It appears that Açaí berry taken for 90 days during follicle development showed excellent outcomes in older women.

  • Women under the age of 39 and older had a 78% live birth rate
  • Women ages 39 and older had a 75% live birth rate


Açaí for Men

The study also looked at 50 men (ages 33-43) with abnormally high levels of sperm DNA fragmentation who took a novel Açaí berry supplement every day for 90 days prior to an IVF cycle. Seventy-six percent of men that participated in the study tested in the normal range for sperm DNA fragmentation at the time of sperm collection for fertilization.


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