Digestive Issues


Feeling bloated all the time? Are you going 3 or more days without going to the bathroom? Are you always straining to go, and then not even feeling relief afterwards? Have you had to regularly rely on laxatives to go to the bathroom? If this sounds like you, you’re in the right place.

What Is Constipation?

Movement (motility) of our intestines, causing excessive fermentation of foods (lots of unexplained gas, bloating, and constipation!), immune system overactivity, and food sensitivities.

Unfortunately since constipation can be caused by a number of factors, this means it can take a long time to get an accurate diagnosis, even when you’re in the midst of symptoms that are making day-to-day life difficult.

Common Symptoms Of Constipation Include:

  • Going more than 3 days without a bowel movement
  • Passing stool that’s very hard or pellet-like in appearance
  • Using excessive straining to pass stool
  • Consistent feeling of incomplete evacuation after a bowel movement
  • Gas, bloating, & abdominal pain
  • Constant feeling of fullness

What To Expect

Dr. Gupta, ND’s approach to managing constipation involves a thorough look at lifestyle factors that may be affecting bowel regularity, such as diet, fluid intake, and macronutrient intake. Investigative lab work can be conducted to investigate bacteria imbalances via a Comprehensive Stool Analysis and Parasitology, food intolerances via Food Sensitivity Testing, bacterial overgrowth via SIBO breath testing, and so on. Dr Gupta, ND will help determine which types of investigative work are right for you.

Other causes of constipation involve sluggish gastric juice production, which is corrected for via the use of dietary and nutraceutical aids that promote alimentary organ function. Lastly, digestive hygiene and tips to promote migrating motor complex function are taught to ensure constipation is not stemming from a functional deficiency.